Caroline County, Maryland • Station Number 400
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2016 28
2015 187
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Mon Feb, 19 2018 @ 21:16 Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Greensboro

Mon Feb, 19 2018 @ 16:30 Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Ridgely

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Election of 2017 Officers
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Tuesday December 6th 2016 the members of RVFD held it's elections for the 2017 officers. Congratulations and good luck!


Chief - Eric Kellner (415)

Deputy Chief - Wayne Winchester (416)

Asst. Chief - Rick Baker (417)


President - Timmy Gunderson

V.P. - Lou Hayes

Secretary - Tammy Taylor

Treasurer - Bryan Ebling

Asst. Treasurer - John Hurley


Board of Directors:

Jackie Black    Rick Baker

John Hurley     Misti Boggus


Amb. Captain - KJ Marvel

Amb. Lt. - Barbie Utz